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Bennington College

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Yesterday had the potential to be just like any other Sunday… pretty bittersweet, heavy with work, over in a second. BUT! It was actually a really great day! Let me tell you what I did :)

I got up early (ish… for a weekend morning) and went for a walk in the Mile-Around Woods, which is a beautiful hike in and around North Bennington. Check out some photos that were taken along the trail:

Then I met my lovely roommate at the dining hall for a well deserved and very tasty Sunday brunch! As we sipped our tea and ate our sustenance, more friends showed up and we talked and talked! 

An hour or so later I headed over to our student garden for a work party, organized by the Bennington Sustainable Food Project! We did some weeding, some path lining, and I even walked away with some purple carrots, cucumbers and green peppers! Hanging out in the dirt with good company and lots to talk about was really therapeutic! 

Then I headed over to the ceramics studio to get started on my current project for Political Ceramics. Each student (there are only six of us in the class!) was asked to focus on a political issue that we felt strongly about, and then to manifest some aspect of this issue through clay. I chose to focus on the United States food industry, which is not in the best of shape right now… to say the least. I decided to make a whole bunch of small pear shapes. Meanwhile, I am collecting all of the stickers on the fruit in the dining hall. I am hoping to fire the pears in the kiln, glaze them transparently, and then completely cover them with fruit stickers (the ones with bar codes, ID numbers, and the state/country they were harvested in) so that the clay is not visible! I spent all afternoon happily enjoying the sunlight and clay in the ceramics studio, diligently making pears. 

Then I ate dinner… did some reading… and brought lots of fresh veggies to my house’s coffee hour!

Then it was time for some sleep!

Photos to come!!

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Hello hello !

My name is Nina and I am a sophomore at the lovely Bennington College! I study education and visual art, and am especially investigating what uniquely stems from an arts based education. To feed my inquiry I have been taking dance classes, drawing classes, ceramics classes, education classes, writing classes… the list goes on. 

When I am not thinking about my academic Plan, I love being outside. Hiking, backpacking, and camping are some of my favorites. Reading books just for me is also great. Right now I am finishing up ”The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, a book about the U.S. food industry written by Bennington grad Michael Pollan. I recommend it, although its a pretty heavy read! On a related note, I have tons of fun cooking! I am really happy to be at a school with multiple kitchens per house so that I have the option to cook or bake whenever I’d like. Bannana bread is the best. I also love arts and crafts projects. They seem to have never gotten old for me… I still have just as much fun with them as I did ten years ago!